Love parks groups: Create a free app for your park

With the cost / practical implications of permanent signage, the cost or problems of leaflets and the increasing prevalence of smart phones, more green spaces are using "Apps" to guide visitors around their spaces, create trails or inform them about points of interest. 

Our partners at TiCL App have an exclusive offer for registered Love Parks groups, allowing groups to create an app, free of charge. 


Why create an app?

  • TiCL App is a means for you to create a guide or trail in an area without having to put anything on the ground
  • TiCL App allows local area managers ?or Friends to 'geo locate' and link physical features (eg trees, sculpture, memorials) of the environment into trails 
  • TiCL App lets you photograph points of interest?, add short descriptions and add links to the 'best' web information about each item
  • TiCL App allows Friends groups the ability to ‘brand’ their content eg Friends of Alexandra Park brand their Tree Trail.

Navigating a trail



  • TiCL App returns information to all users as lists with their 'nearest' item on the list at the top. TiCL makes it easy for users to see what's nearby and find it. It also makes navigating a trail easy - you just keep going to the nearest without repeating any. IMAGE
  • The ‘Direct Me’ feature of the App shows an arrow and a distance to each item IMAGE
  • The Map feature of the App shows each item accurately on a Google Map IMAGE
  • TiCL App can be used like this to find points of interest easily and create trails. TiCL App information is also displayed on website. 



Creating a trail App

Creating a TiCL App Trail or Guide is quick and easy. Download this simple step-by-step guide to creating your trail. If you need additional information, it is available at

If you have created an App the Love parks team would love to hear about it, email us at and don't forget to share your app via your Friends group page on Love Parks.